Want a Logo Design Consultation?

Svetlana Zivanovic

I've noticed my friends often come to me for design advice. So I decided to share my expertise through concrete examples and show my design workflow.

I created a Ko-fi profile and launched design consultation services. Design reviews are for anyone feeling stuck in their logo or typography design creation.

For a 3$ donation, you can submit your current design and get a review from me :) My focus group is design students who need brief guidance help for a low price.

The goal is to summarize logo critiques into a future educational blog post on my website.

So what does the design review include?

  • Written and drawn suggestions (jpg sketches or references)
  • Linked tutorials if needed

What doesn't it include?

  • Finishing your design

How can you submit designs?

  • Go to my ko-fi page and follow the instructions :)
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