"Врисак" Y2K 3D Logotype (Loop animation) - Making process

Svetlana Zivanovic


Inspiration for this project comes from Michael Jackson's music video "Scream." As a child of the 90s, I remember loving watching MTV. This video, in particular, stayed in my mind as a staple for the Y2K aesthetics.

My idea was to design a logotype in Cyrillic (I used a literal translation of the word "Scream" in Serbian - "Врисак") and make simple loop animation.

Before we start breaking down the process, these are crucial steps I will be discussing further: Vector Design, 3D Modeling, Animation, and Post-Production.

I used Affinity Designer, Blender, and After Effects software. The steps can be recreated in similar software — the principles remain the same.

As a visual reference, I used the intro from the music video.

Vector design

In the original reference, the words are typed using a regular font. I wanted to design Y2k-style letters. But also to keep a bold and chunky look.

The goal is to make the word symmetrical so that it can easily be split in the middle.

In the following example, I tried to illustrate the logo design process, starting from the sketch to the final.

3D Modeling

After completing the vector design, I exported the SVG file and imported it into Blender.

The output properties I was using are HD resolution - 1920px x 1080px, and 24 fps for frame rate. For render properties, I used the Cycles engine and chose transparent background.

Camera, lights, material


Loop animation set-up

I made two copies of the logo to create an infinite loop, positioning them one behind the other. The first copy is split down the middle (making two parts, ВРИ and САК), leaving the camera's view, while the second logo takes its place.

I set up location and rotation keyframes for the VRI and SAK parts. And the location keyframe for the logo behind.

The entire animation lasts 80 frames.


I exported the animation as a PNG sequence (with a transparent background) and continued the post-production process in After Effects.


For the final part of the making process, I achieved the desired look in six steps:

  1. Importing a PNG sequence into the composition
  2. Adding a gray background
  3. Making a vignette
  4. Creating a VHS distortion effect
  5. Playing with noise and blur filter
  6. Adjusting brightness/contrast values


Final look ^^


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